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Heta Asikainen

Alexandra Larsson Jacobson.png

Performer in "We play, I push, You Hold, We Fall" video work by Alexandra Larsson Jacobson, at Konsthall 16, Riksidrottsmuseet 2024

Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 11.32.18.png

Performer in BEVARA SVERIGE SÄMST by Josefin Jussi Andersson, at Norra Tornen 2022

Choreographer and performer in That time I swam in a storage room, at Stockholm University of the Arts 2021

baroque barbie

Performer in Baroque Barbie a collaborative performance by Aries Rebelo and Quiltland,

part of Radikal Salong / Stadsteatern 2019

IMG_4299 2.JPG

Performer in Nenia: A Lullaby as part of Fake Festival 2023

dino in Handen.jpg

Performer in A Story and pop-up excerpts from the same piece by Sanna Söderholm, at Handenterminalen Konst 2023

Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 11.54.38.png

Dancer in Tira Kuna – Museum Version by Amanda Piñapart of Bergspråk an exhibition curated by DACE, at Havremagasinet 2022

©Vladyslav Kamensky.png

Performer in Crawling vol 2, a solo adaptation by Aries Rebelo, part of Sklonit hlávku -open-air pop up exhibition curated by Luki Essender, 2021

Performer in Crawling by Aries Rebelo, as part of My Wild flag -festival, at MDT 2020

Co-creator and performer in Breaking Point, for Gottsunda HipHop Festival 2020

performance/dance/production and marketing/costume design and assistance


CV available upon request

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